Los Angeles Car Detailing

Welcome back to Bonanza Raceway! Today, we’re going to answer one of our common questions… People always ask us, “How do you start a Mobile Detailing business?” Well, we can’t wait to break it down for y’all! Whether you are heading into high school, graduating college, or looking for a new business, car detailing is a great way to make some money. If you want to be your own boss, then being an entrepreneur is the best option. At Bonanza, we believe that mobile car detailing is a great way to generate some side income! 

If you’re looking to start your own detailing business, then continue reading! We are going to discuss one product that will help in this business. While this product will make you money, they will make cars look great too.

Today, we’ll be discussing a product from Los Angeles Mobile Detailing – Car Wash Soap. Although we use the concentrate, we recommend the concentrated and the mixed versions! While the concentrate is a bit cheaper, the mixed version is a tad cleaner. We use the concentrate, since one concentrate bottle provides a few gallons of cleaning solution. After mixing the concentrate, this cleaning solution is ready to be put to use! Car Wash Soap allows car detailers to keep your washing needs in one bottle! If you need an all-in-one car wash solution, then this is the product for you.

Car Wash Soap works on glass, wheels, engine bays, etc. When car detailing professionals use Car Wash Soap, they are utilizing a professional cleaning solution. Although Los Angeles Mobile Detailing doesn’t claim they have the best cleaning solution on the market, we’d have to disagree. We’ve been using the product for a few weeks, and we’ve been extremely happy with the results. When using their cleaning solution, we’ve been able to safely remove abrasive particles – bird droppings, dust, and debris. Plus, the car wash solution leaves behind a layer of wax to shine the paintwork.