If you’re interested in the previous etiquette of the Bonanza Raceway, then you’re in the right place. Throughout this rules list, you will find the old etiquette guidelines of the Bonanza Raceway.

  1. Obey the starter. The starter has the responsibility to run the race in a safe and orderly manner.
  2. Burnouts across the starting line are prohibited unless approved for your class.
  3. If your vehicle has treaded tires please do not do a water burnout. This only serves to move the water forward towards the starting line.
  4. Do not begin your burnout until instructed to do so by the starter. Never do a burnout when other vehicles or individuals are at the starting line in front of you.
  5. Make sure your dial-in, car number, and class are clearly written on the windshield and the passenger side window using at least 4” high letters.
  6. A crew member should never approach the starter once the cars are staged ~ nor should he or she argue with the starter during the race.
  7. Never drive in the opposite direction on the drag strip.
  8. Please courtesy stage. Do not fully stage until the other car has at least pre-staged.
  9. If your car breaks, pull off to the side of the track and shut the engine off.
  10. If your car gets crossed up in the burn out box, stop, straighten the car, and then go on. Do not continue the burnout and risk hitting someone or something.
  11. The left lane always has the right of way to turn out first after completing a race.
  12. Familiarize yourself with the exits and the return road to the ET shack.
  13. Please observe the 10 mph speed limit on the return road and 5 mph speed limit in the pits.
  14. Please, do not stop in the return road to pick someone up, to show your ET slip, or to talk to anyone ~ they can meet you in the pits.
  15. Be cautious in the pits. They are very crowded on race day and it is no place to hot rod ~ save that for the drag strip.
  16. Please direct all questions and concerns (such as time slip or staging questions) to the ticket office ~ NOT the race personnel out on the track. The ticket office will then direct you to the appropriate person to take care of your question or concern.