Sport Utility Vehicles

What type of automobile do you have? Frequently, people have 4-door sedans in the garage. Most of the time, these cars are used for transport throughout Tampa Bay. Sometimes, people purchase SUVs instead of sedans. Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) accommodate more people than sedans. Unfortunately, SUVs cost more than sedans. So, what are the best passenger SUVs in Tampa Bay, Florida?

Gas MileagePriceSeatsSafetyRating
1GMC Acadia20 mpg$30,97585/510/10
2Toyota Sequoia15 mpg$45,32585/510/10
3Lexus LX 570 4X415 mpg$88,88085/510/10
4Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4×419 mpg$55,03084/59/10
5Ford Expedition EL XLT19 mpg$45,43584/59/10
6Honda Pilot EX-L23 mpg$37,05584/59/10
7Nissan Armada16 mpg$49,65084/59/10
8Chevrolet Suburban LS19 mpg$49,70084/59/10
9GMC Yukon SLE 4×419 mpg$51,53084/58/10
10Toyota Highlander LE AWD21 mpg$33,47584/58/10

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Why do people tend to purchase an SUV? Well, sport utility vehicles have lots of benefits in Central Florida. So, what are the benefits of purchasing an SUV?

Body Frame

It is no secret that the essential body frame of a minivan has not changed much over the years. However, if you look at an SUV vehicle, it is forever evolving. Everybody would like to drive around in a visually appealing vehicle. You will realize that each new year normally brings with it sleeker lines and sophisticated styles that make these automobiles to be more eye-catching.


Do you need an automobile with extra convenience? SUVs ensure several passengers sit comfortably in the vehicle. Additionally, SUVs have storage in the trunk. Sometimes, SUVs have the function to tow trailers, boats, and jet skis.


You will realize that some SUV options normally offer a car chassis design. This makes the vehicle quieter and easier to handle than a potentially boxy and cumbersome van choice.


Do you need an SUV with good handling? Most SUVs are built with four-wheel drive functions which increases traction and prevents accidental skidding and slipping in wet conditions such as snow, ice and so on. In addition, these cars are very easy to steer in spite of its considerable size. You can actually drive the vehicle day in and day out without feeling the strain of driving a large vehicle.


Do you have a large family in Tampa Bay, Florida? If so, an SUV is the perfect vehicle for your family. Specifically, SUVs are the easiest way to drive kids between school and other activities. Additionally, SUVs allow camping trips without taking two vehicles.


Do you need a versatile automobile? Most of the time, SUVs have lots of room due to seats that fold down. Sometimes, extra room allows people to fit gear in the vehicle. GMC Acadia has enough seating for 7 to 8 people. In Tampa Bay, SUVs are versatile for every occasion. For example, beach trips are perfect in an SUV.

Those are some of the reasons why most people go for 8 passenger SUV vehicles. These cars are spacious and can accommodate your family and even friends. You can readily use them to travel to upcountry areas. These cars are secure as they have airbags and so on. Their braking system is perfect. You can always rely on them anytime that you want to travel out of your home.